far afield


Far Afield by Shane Mitchell contains recipes, but it is not a cookbook. The photography is so stunning that you can call it a coffee table book and be happy to return to the photos again and again, never reading a single word.

If you are interested in the world, you can read, and before you realize what has happened, hours will have gone by as you are drawn in to the stories of these people and places and ingredients. So far away from my house, my part of the world, the stories do not leave me.

If you are someone who really, really enjoys food, Far Afield can be a travel guide, showing you the regions of the world to visit and what to look for once you arrive. A most intimate and delicious travel guide.

Yes, there are recipes, but they are not the reason for the book, they are an aside. The recipes are there to wet your appetite, tickle your taste buds, spark your wanderlust, until the time you can eat these dishes in their native lands, with native ingredients full of terroir and heart and swagger.
I return again and agin to the photography, how a picture still says 1,000 words. This book is a wonder, beautiful, telling, soul filled, and informative in the way that makes you want to know more. I do not think it is possible to read this book and not want to visit the places it calls out. A reminder that the world is a big place full of amazing things.

Author: terri.pena

Terri lives in Edmonds Washington where she writes, cans, cooks, reads, and imbibes, sometimes to excess.

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