figs in brandy

We have two fig trees. This is their third year, so they are still small, but produce a good amount of fruit. The great thing about fig trees is that the fruit matures at different rates. This is perfect for picking a few to add to a salad for dinner, or to throw on the grill, but poses a problem for anyone wanting to can a big batch to use later.

I like having a half a dozen jars of preserved figs on the shelf to use through out the year, alongside a cheese plate, or on top of ice cream. The way I make this happen is one jar at a time.



This morning I picked a jar’s worth of figs, and make a whole batch of syrup. I put up one jar, then poured the rest of the liquid into another jar to use as needed. It will probably be three days before I have another round of figs ready, and having the syrup prepared makes the canning even easier.


When putting up one jar I do not get out the big pot. For smaller jars I use the oh-so-awesome Fourth Burner Pot, but that pot does not work as well for the wide Weck jars, for those jars I use my trusty sauce pan. You should never put glass jars directly on the bottom of a pan, it is not an old wives tale, and it is a mess when they break. Weck jars nestle perfectly into an English muffin mold to hold them and keep them safe, just above the bottom of the pan.

This recipe works for 8 cups of figs and will make four pints in one go, or one at a time.

Brandied Figs

1 2/3 cups brandy

1 1/3 cups sugar

3/4 cup water

8 cups figs

Cut the woody stem from the figs and quarter them.

In a small pot, combine brandy, sugar, and water, heating until the sugar is disolved.

Fill your jars with figs,  and pour hot liquid to cover, leaving 1/2 inch of headspace.

Process in a boiling water bath for 10 minutes.